Here are some activities based on our books: 

Guinea Pigs Online

- Describe Fuzzy's character.  What colour is he?  What is his hobby?  Does he like the Internet?

- Find out how to look after a guinea pig.  What do they eat and drink?  What do they sleep on?  Where do they live?

- Find three Spanish words Eduardo uses.

Furry Towers

At the end of Furry Towers Eduardo sings a song about his friends.  Can you make up a song about your friends?  You could try and make it rhyme like Eduardo’s.

Viking Victory is set the copse. Can you choose somewhere to set a new GPOL story and describe it? Use your imagination to come up with the craziest setting possible.

In Christmas Quest Coco, Fuzzy and Eduardo travel to Peru by bus, plane and llama.  Can you describe another journey?  It can be one you've made or one you've made up.

In Bunny Trouble, Binny gets into trouble with Ben for chewing through the cages at the Animal Rescue Centre. What's the naughtiest thing your pet has ever done? If you don't have a pet then just pretend!

In The Ice Factor Coco and Banoffee have a row.  Can you write a row between two friends?  What is it about?  Don’t forget to use speech marks and to show who’s talking.

Can you answer all the questions in our Puppies Online quiz?

1)  What is the name of the boy who helps look after the puppies?
2)  What job does Einstein's owner do?
3)  What is the name of the lighthouse?
4)  What colour is Bounce?
5)   How old is Jackie?