"Jennifer Gray and Amanda Swift's comical Guinea Pigs Online for 5+ brings stories about pets surprisingly up to date, complete with kids' slang.  In the third book, Viking Victory (Quercus £4.99), a blog-based campaign gives rise to a Viking-style battle and saves woodland from development."  Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times, 23.6.13

"Coco the guinea pig is convinced she belongs to the Queen in this adorably zany story.  Bursting with jokes - they use a website called Micespace, this will suit rodent-loving boys and girls." Philip Womack, The Daily Telegraph, 20.7.12

"Fuzzy the guinea pig loves the internet - almost as much as he loves cooking.  Coco is very posh and doesn't care much for computers.  When Fuzzy sees an advert online he thinks it could be the start of a new life for him - but he's not aware he's walking into a trap.  It's down to Coco to find Fuzzy and sort everything out, which she does with somehelp from her friends.  Slightly crazy and definitely out there but a really original tale for the little ones."  The Sun, 25.5.12